Teen ERA

Teen ERA is an activity area focusing on events for children aged around 6-14 years. The main idea is to provide children with the opportunity to spend their free time in a meaningful way, to integrate into a community of friends, to learn about God and to gradually pass on the idea of “Rogate”. ERA Association’s children’s events include Teen Weekends and Teen ERA meeting. The events are designed for children from believing families as well as those who have not yet encountered Christian fellowship.

Teen ERA Meeting

A week-long trip to the seaside for children aged 9-15 full of meeting new friends from different parts of Europe, topics, group work, sunshine, fun and relaxation. The programme is very varied and rich. A priest is always present at the meeting, so there is a daily Mass. The children can enjoy international sports matches, swimming in the sea or visits to various pilgrimage and historical sites.

Teen weekend

Twice a year, in spring and autumn, the parish of Křivsoud turns into the scene of an incredible adventure. The basis of the weekend is a suspenseful story, often based on famous films. The children enthusiastically take on the roles of determined protectors of good who are not afraid of anything. During the weekends, there are shared prayers and themes focusing on different areas of faith, where children can learn more about God and the Christian community. Everyone can also enjoy fun games and lots of fun with friends.

A weekend for “early adults”

The “Early Adult Weekend” is a bi-annual event for teens ages 14-18 that takes place in Krivsoudov. The weekend is held in the spirit of lectures on various interesting topics, silence for reflection, group work, time for talking, Mass and other interesting activities. During the weekend, children can also take advantage of the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

The weekend is a unique opportunity to spend meaningful time in a community of young people seeking together the right way to God.