Spiritual events


An annual week-long gathering of young people from different parts of Europe, held in a specific European country. ERA Meeting is an event for all those who want to meet interesting people, get to know God and themselves better, visit interesting places and enjoy a week full of great experiences. The unique atmosphere of the meeting is created by two intertwining areas of spiritual and recreational activities.

Spiritually, participants can enjoy Mass, evening adoration, lectures and discussions. Everyone has time to reflect on their life, their mission in the world, and their relationship with God.

But it is also a week of fun and relaxation, a week of experiences shared with friends. Everyone has the chance to spend their free time in their own way, while meeting new people of different nationalities and mentalities. Participation in the meeting brings a chance to see a part of the world – trips to interesting places are a tradition.

Every year, a wonderful community of young people is formed here, sharing their joy, love and enthusiasm for each other and working together towards Christ.


Intermeeting is a weekend event, rich in spiritual experiences and fun, that takes place each fall. It is special in that it is always held in an interesting place in the Czech Republic. There is always a priest present who leads the weekend spiritually. Lectures, group discussions, adoration, Mass, games, excursions and various other fun activities are always prepared for the participants. Briefly, intermeeting could be described as a meeting shortened to one weekend.


Formation, or formation week, takes place in early spring in a particular European country (in recent years in Poland) under the guidance of the Rogacionite Fathers. It is intended mainly for companions, i.e. those who have promised to devote themselves to the work of the ERA. The Rogacionist Fathers provide accommodation for the companions and also offer a rich spiritual programme of lectures, common Masses, prayers and adoration. The program is complemented by joint excursions, visits to cities and monuments.

Throughout the week of formation, companions work on their relationship with God and themselves. With a varied program and time for themselves, they draw new strength for the year-long work.

Formation Weekend

Formation Weekend is an event held twice a year at the parish of Krivossoud, in the spring and before Christmas. There is always a busy programme that gives no one a chance to get bored. Everyone can look forward to an interesting lecture, common prayers, Mass, games, films and entertainment. During the weekend there is usually a trip to the surrounding area.

Formation weekends are a unique opportunity to meet regularly with friends, deepen your faith and enrich yourself and others with interesting experiences.

A special feature of the December weekend is the unmistakable Christmas atmosphere shared with friends, which is not without the traditional Christmas Eve dinner and exchanging gifts by the tree.