The ERA Centre

Since 1999 the vicarage in Křivsoudov, a small village on the border of the Prague and Hradec Králové dioceses, has been used as ERA’s centre. It is the location where ERA events are planned and prepared, and also the location where most of them take place.

Room space in the ERA Centre may be divided into four categories: accommodation, dining, entertainment and organizational. For accommodation there are three rooms with foam mattresses with a total capacity of 40 people. Space for fun and relaxation is provided in a room with table football and a ping-pong table. It is also possible to make use of the spacious loft and mysterious cellar, both of which can be great for children’s activities. The centre also has a wide garden with a campfire site.

When the centre is not currently being used for our events, it may on agreement also be used to accommodate other guests.


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